Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nine Naturals: Natural Hair and Body Care for Pregnancy and Beyond

Safe Beauty For Mom's-To-Be

100% Natural and Organic

The nourishing shampoo has coconut derived soaps that cleanse your hair, leave it hydrated, and is still gentle enough for everyday use.  It contains Shea butter to restore moisture, jojoba seed oil to improve elasticity, and sunflower oil to improve hair's shine.  

The nourishing conditioner is light weight and is also perfect for every day use.  It contains Broccoli seed oil as a natural replacement for artificial silicone, flax seed oil to leave hair luscious, and sweet almond oil to promote healthy hair growth.

This super rich and thick belly butter is just heaven!  It is pure comfort to stretching, dry, and itchy skin.    It dries very quickly and leaves behind a moisturized yet grease free feeling.  It has some awesome ingredients!  Shea butter works to restore your skins natural suppleness.  Vitamin E is an powerful antioxidant and works to keep skin super moisturized.  Allantoin works to soften your skin and build moisture retention.  

This is the product to start with! It leaves my bump feeling comfortable and moisturized.  The light scent of vanilla and geranium is relaxing and comforting.  It dries super fast so there is no wait time when you are trying to get dressed, which is important since I always seem to be running behind lately. It has reduced the itchiness of my skin, which has been such a blessing that also may aid in stretch mark prevention.

This body wash has become my favorite among the many I have tried.  The natural clean scent of citrus and geranium is refreshing and the ultra rich lather is super moisturizing.  This soothing body wash leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.  

All Nine Naturals products are 100% natural.  They are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, BPA, Tri-closan, DEA, Petrochemicals, artificial chemicals, dyes, and synthetic fragrances.  

All of these products are amazing! With their amazing natural ingredients they are perfect for use during pregnancy, nursing, and beyond to continue living a more natural lifestyle.  I just feel cleaner, safer, and in a way healthier when I'm using products that are natural.  If you can use a natural product that works better than one that isn't, why wouldn't you choose the one with out all of the artificial ingredients.  

These are products that I have been using and truly love!  If you are pregnant, I highly recommend you getting the belly butter to start with.  If you are just looking for natural products to integrate into your routine, the body wash is a great place to start.  But all of the products are stand outs and you won't be disappointed with one of them.  I know I haven't been!

They also have a gift set of travel sized versions of all of their items.  That would make an amazing gift for any mom - to - be or natural product lover. 

You can find Nine Naturals on their website here  If you sign up for their emails, you will get a coupon for 10% off of your first purchase.  

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special promotions or check out their blog for great tips.  

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