Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chopper's Kisses Lucky Ties: My Current Must Have Hair Accessory

I could be a little bit obsessed with these adorable little hair ties.  Every since getting them, I haven't left the house without them.  I am constantly pulling my hair up lately.  If it's not the heat, I'm pulling it up to cook or so my babies don't pull on it.  These Lucky Ties from Chopper's Kisses are always on my wrist and have become my absolute favorite hair accessory.  

Yes, you may think that you can get the same thing at Walmart and Target, because Goody does sell similar things.  Lucky Ties come in so many fashionable colors and prints.  They even have sparkly glittery ones and ones with skull charms on them, which are next on my list to pick up.  They have both head bands and  hair ties.  I love that they don't leave those ugly bumps or indentions in your hair.  I can take my hair down and it looks the same as it did when I put it up!

My super cute double cross bracelet from Chopper's Kisses.

Hair Shadow Stick

Chopper's Kisses also sells awesome hair shadow, feather hair extensions, adorable jewelry, and some hair tools.  

These are great for back to school! They look as good on your wrist as they do in your hair!


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