Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skincare, Bath, and Body Products I MUST USE UP!

Recently I have been on a skin care and bath and body product buying frenzy.  I have purchased way too many things and I keep wanting to open my new things and I end up leaving the older items half way used and toss them under my cabinet.  I'm done doing that.

I am now going to make the effort to use up these products before opening anything else of it's kind.  I have to use up the body wash before I can open another one.  I have to use up both of my face washes before I can open or use a newer one, and so on and so forth.  

Bath Products

 Body Products

 Skincare Products

The only item I see myself having a problem using up is the body spray, because I like to have a coordinating lotion when I use a body spray.  So, when the lotion is gone, I will probably end up giving the spray to my 16 year old sister but I am going to be using it everyday until the lotion is gone.  

Do you have any products that you need or want to use up this month?


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