Friday, June 21, 2013

Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag: My New Best Friend

Since I'm due to have another baby in September and I'm currently still using a diaper bag for my just barely 1 year old, I have been on the hunt for an awesome diaper bag that would meet more of my needs with 2 kids.  With 2 kids under 2 years old, that requires a lot more stuff for me to carry around when we leave the house and while I love my current JJ Cole Diaper Bag, it just won't cut it.  

I discovered Pink Lining diaper bags just recently after doing some research.  I found that they had so many options ranging from diaper bags made for twins to bags that were made for mini trips on the go and the color choices are beautiful. They also have a line specifically for children that includes overnight bags, backpacks, lunch boxes, and much more.  If you have toddlers or older children, these are absolutely adorable.  

When I received the Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag, I fell in love! I already knew I liked the design and I choose the Navy Bows because I love neutrals and I adore anything navy.  The majority of the exterior fabric is a laminated canvas and can be wiped down very easily.  I love that the bag has so many storage compartments,  interior pouches and hooks for keys, and I can really appreciate the 2 strap options.  You can wear this with the one large adjustable shoulder strap or carry it with the 2 smaller handle straps.  

The adorable cupcake embroidered on the front marks a small exterior pouch.  This is a great place to stash your cell phone, snacks, or anything else you'll need quick access too.  There are two elastic side pockets (one on each side), which are perfect for bottles, juice cups, or bottles of water.  

The pink lining inside is such a special touch, for me especially.  I have 2 boys and I am due to have my third in September.  I haven't had many opportunities to have girly baby items.  I loved that it was cute and feminine on the outside while still having masculine colors and the pop of pink inside just makes me happy.  The little details in the design of the Pink Lining Diaper Bags make them all the more special and fun to carry.

This little pouch can hold all your little goodies for baby that are small and that you'd need to see quickly.  I am loving the adorable cupcake details.  I have mine stocked with infant tylenol, baby orajel, wet ones, and teething toys.  Since the bag is vinyl, you could probably get away with also using it as a slim wet bag to put any soiled baby clothing in.  

The diaper changing bag changing pad is the thickest changing pad that I have ever seen come with a diaper bag. Most that I have owned are much thinner and offer very little cushion for baby.  This is a super thick, lush pad for baby to rest on while he or she is having there little bum cleaned.  

While I'm still 12 weeks away from having little man #3, I have already starting using my Yummy Mummy bag and can see that it's going to work perfectly carrying all the essentials for a newborn and a 15 month old.  This bag is sure to make my life as a mommy of 3 a bit easier.  

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Pink Lining Diaper Bags can be purchased on their website by clicking here.  I highly recommend them! They are definitely worth looking into if you are in need of an awesome diaper bag.

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  1. Such a cute diaper bag and so functional! I will have to keep this in mind for my next one!!!!