Friday, August 24, 2012

MAC Cut A Caper

At First Was A Miss, But Now It's A Hit!

 I had been waiting for this lipstick to be re-released from MAC and ordered it the second it went online.  I was actually disappointed with it at first and put it in a drawer until now.  I really believed that this was a bust product for me and I was crushed because I was in love with it's color.  That's why I had to write this post today.

I decided to give it another try but using it up underneath a lip gloss this time.  Before I could even get the lipgloss on, I realized a difference in the lipstick.  I had thought it was drying at first, but now it seems to be creamy and leave a slight glossy finish.  I am now thinking it was just my lips recovering from my dehydration after delivering my son.  

I like to try a product a few times before I write a negative thing about it and I am so glad I did. I will be grabbing for this for the remainder of August and September and possibly layering it for a fall look.  

Cut A Caper has a Lustre finish and was repromoted with MAC's Heavenly Creature Collection.  It is still available on the Nordstrom website.  

Do you have a product that was a bust before it was a lust?  Sorry about the cheesy lines.  Just love it!



  1. One of the other colors from the collection was a bust for me. The color was pleasure seeker. But I am thinking now maybe it was from being dehydrated after an international flight. Definitely giving it another try.

    1. You totally should! I was so surprised that it worked for me later! Let me know if it changes for you!!