Friday, August 03, 2012


Nails Of The Week


Natural light

I recently had to toss some of my old makeup and nail polishes.  Among the nail polishes that were thrown away was Chanel's Blue Satin, a long time favorite of mine.  Blue is my favorite color and I was planning on repurchasing it but the $26 price point had me a bit gun shy.  I stumbled upon this color during a recent Walmart trip and had to pick it up.  It cost less than $3 for .23 fl oz, which is less than a normal bottle of polish which is .5 fl oz.  But I think in price to fl. oz. comparison it evens out.

This color is beautiful! It is super shiny going on but it does loose some of it's luster after it dries.  But you can use a top coat to fix that.  It dried really quick.  I did apply 2 coats but I could have gone with one thick coat.  With just one coat you could see streaks when I held my nails up to the light but otherwise it looked completely opaque.

This is a different color from Chanel's Blue Satin.  Styled Out is slightly lighter in color, has silver shimmer in it, and does not have as shiny of a finish.

I have decided to put my Chanel purchase on hold for now.  I love Styled Out! It reminds me of a dark denim jean and I'm excited to wear it a lot during the fall.

If you love blue polish, I would definitely pick this one up if you see it.

This is gets 5 stars from me!

Have you tried any Maybelline Color Show polishes?


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