Friday, June 08, 2012

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale and Discontinued Scents

Sale Starts June 13, 2012

The Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale is a sale I look forward to.  With items up to 75% off of regular retail and the coupons they give out in the weeks prior, you can stock up on so many goodies.  The steals you can get are unbelievable!

I just discovered the scent Into the Wild and I LOVE it!! Unfortunately, my friend who works for the company told me that Into the Wild will be discontinued during the semi-annual sale this year.  Other scents to be discontinued during the sale are Forever Sunshine, Black Amethyst, and Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I will definitely be taking advantage of the deep discounts and stocking up on Into the Wild and Wild Apple Daffodil, which was seasonal.  

What will you be shopping for? Are any of the discontinued scents your favorite?

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