Monday, July 29, 2013

BRO Bar By Stript Wax Bar

The All In One Shower Bar Perfect For Our Men!

The BRO BAR is the 100% vegan, multi-function soap bar for men.  It's a triple combo - Shower, Shave, and Shampoo.  The BRO BAR works into an amazing lather and has natural antiseptic properties that can help heal infections, cuts, and scrapes.  Which is great for treatment of the nick and cut that can occur while shaving.  

It's Loaded With Good Stuff:
Tea Tree Oil
Avocado Oil
Camelia Oil
Olive Oil
Palm Oil
Hyaluronic Acid

My Thoughts:

Honestly, these are mainly my husbands thoughts.  He has been the one using The BRO BAR.  It works into a rich lather and has a light musky scent, which is quite enjoyable and manly.  Being able to use this one bar to shower, shave, and shampoo not only cuts down on the amount of products we have in our shower but it also cuts down on his shower time just a bit.  This would be great for traveling, as it is a bar soap and is 3 in 1.  

The BRO BAR retails for $9 at all Stript Wax Bar Locations in California and exclusively online at ABOUTHESTYLE.COM.  

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