Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First ZOYA Polish Purchase

I'm a ZOYA convert!

This was my first purchase from ZOYA.  I had heard about the brand  a while back but never got around to making a purchase because I have such easy access to OPI and ESSIE.  I knew I wanted to try it because it  is non-toxic and formaldehyde free, and I was finally presented with a tempting opportunity.  

Last week I ordered the BEACH set after getting a code for 50% off.  I am so impressed with the colors and the quality! They are so creamy and smooth.  They were all very opaque.  WEDNESDAY (light aqua) and LARA (bright pink, second from left) are my favorite of the six.  REAGAN is the darkest color of the six (first from left).  This was the only one that did not say summer to me, but I'm still loving it.  

If you've never tried ZOYA and you're interested, click HERE to create an account and ZOYA will put a coupon code for a FREE POLISH in your account under promotion codes.  Who doesn't like a FREE nail polish!  They also throw in free gifts with purchases over $30, $50, and $100! 

I will definitely be ordering from ZOYA again.  I'm excited to pick up some of their new fall polishes, and they have a polish called KRISTEN that I will for sure be ordering as my free polish.  

Are any of you a ZOYA newbie too or are you already a die hard fan? 


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