Saturday, May 05, 2012

MAC Lips and Tips Collection!

These are my picks from the collection.

From top to bottom:  MAC Lipglass in Impassioned, Angel, Spice, and Spice Lipstick

MAC Lip Glass and Lipstick in Spice.

These colors are so beautiful! They all have MAC's signature vanilla scent, and even though they are totally different colors from each other they are all equally stunning.

Impassioned (Limited Edition) is the perfect pop of coral for summer.  While I do consider it to be a coral, it is red based.  I think it is the perfect combination of the two colors.  

Angel (Limited Edition) is a soft midtoned pink with some added sheen.  It looks very creamy on the lip, and is almost milky.  It is perfect for any time of year.  

Spice (Both are Limited Edition) is a neutral rose brown that looks stunning on the lips.  The swatch does not do the color justice.  

Spice is my all time favorite lip liner and I could not be happier that I know have it in a lipglass and lipstick.  I am eager to try Angel in the lipstick, and try a layered look.  I love all of these and I will be ordering back ups of each!

From left to right:  Spice lipstick, Spice Lipglass, Angel Lipglass, Impassioned Lipglass.

All of these products were purchased by me and my opinions are my own.


  1. Hey honey! I want angel lipglass!!!! I didnt know u had a blog!!!! U go girl!!!!!Loves, Melissa:)

    1. Just started it! =) Angel lipglass is beautiful!! I'll tweet if I see it available online again.