Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How Do You Change Your Makeup and Beauty Routine for Summer?

When summer comes, it seems we all wear a little less.  We exchange our boots for flip flops, our jeans for shorts and minis, and our sweaters for tank tops.  But how does the warmer weather change your makeup and beauty routine??

I wear sunblock all year round, so when summer comes I start self tanning my face a little more than usual.  I generally switch from a foundation to a tinted moisturizer with a light dusting of translucent powder.  My blush 
goes brighter and my eye shadow leans more towards shimmery golds and bronzes with bright pops of color.  My current favorite colors for eye shadows are teal, green, and orange.  I tend to stop wearing lipsticks, and I go for lip stains with balm or bright lip glosses.  I'm currently loving MAC's Impassioned (LE) Lipglass and Revlon's new Kissable Balm Stain in Valentine.   

 I love wearing my hair up any time of year, but when summer comes, I love rockin' a high pony tail, a high messy bun, and tousled beachy waves.  I use a dry shampoo at least every other day, because I love the texture I get with second day hair for my summer do's.

I like grey based polishes when it comes to my nails, but when summer comes around I turn up the volume with bright pinks, corals, and neon polishes.  I even wear blues and purples which I rarely choose throughout the year.  My favorite summer polish is Essie's Lapiz of Luxury, but I have fallen in love with so many more already this season!!

That's how I switch up my beauty routine for summer.  How do you switch up yours??



  1. How did I not see this post until now? Anyway, yes, I too am loving Impassioned as a lipglass! Wish I had bought extras :( It's a must have for summer. In the summer for my lips, I love bright pinks, corals, some purples, and shimmering nudes. I love natural looking cheeks that are easy to keep up with in the summer heat. Girl, you're so awesome for being able to rock makeup and do touch-ups while pregnant. Not sure I'll be as glamorous when I'm pregnant! ;) Do you like OCC Lip Tars? They have awesome staying power, so I love them especially in the hot sweaty summer months!

  2. I need to check to see if they still have it available on the MAC website. With my luck they are probably already out. =( Thanks girl, but I have started slacking with how much makeup I wear now that I only have 2 weeks left. You'll be as glamorous as you always are when your pregnant! I've never tried the OCC Lip Tars but I've been hearing about them a lot lately. I will probably give them a go sometime soon. I will let you know!!Thanks for the suggestion!