Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Jouer Powder Blush in Rose and Bloom

These have been two of my favorite blushes for the last few months and I wanted to share them with you.  I have grabbed for Bloom more than any other blush recently because it just brings life to my face.  I grab for Rose almost as often when I'm going for soft cheeks.  Rose is perfect as we are going into fall and looking for a softer cheek color to pair with our bold eyes or lips.  

Jouer Powder Blushes in Rose and Bloom

Rose is a beautiful natural pink that gives your cheeks the perfect flush.  Bloom is a soft peach, one of my favorite blushes ever, that just wakes up your face.  I think both of these blushes would look great on a variety of skin tones.  They both have a matte finish so these are also great for those of us with skin imperfections.  

The entire Jouer line consists of extremely high quality products and these blushes are no exception.  They blend out like a dream and the finish is beautiful.  They also layer nicely with a highlight. The wear time is average for a regular powder blush, equal to a MAC blush.    

Overall, I love these blushes.  I can not wait to pick up more colors.  I have always been more of a lip product junkie, but these two little gems have ignited a bit of a blush obsession in me. 

Personal Note:
My favorite pairing is Bloom Blush with Jouer's Sun Tan Bronzer.  

Have you tried any Jouer Blushes?  

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  1. Both colors are beyond gorgeous. I've heard a lot about Jouer blushes, as well as other products from this brand, and everyone who has mentioned them seems to love them! I can't wait to pick some things up! :)


  2. Both of the blushes look quite natural, nice choice!